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HIT Salary in Illinois - IL

The health information technology salary in Illinois depends on several factors. While the first year salary of many HIT professionals in the state is greater than the industry's national average of $40,610, those entering the field can expect still greater salaries to accompany additional credentials. Work experience, outstanding academic achievement, additional certification in medical coding or tumor registration among other things can affect HIT wages.

Various cities within Illinois are known for slightly different salary averages. Although there is certainly some variation, new professionals will generally find that more urban areas offer higher wages. Some average health information technician salaries in Illinois are listed by location below.

  • Chicago, Illinois $45,000
  • Aurora, Illinois $47,000
  • Rockford, Illinois $40,000
  • Joliet, Illinois $48,000

Health information technology is a growing industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 172,500 people worked in the field in 2008. That number is greater still now, and is expected to grow an additional twenty percent through the year 2018. HIT appears to be diversifying and specializing in addition to simply growing. More and more rising professionals are finding opportunities to fill niche markets in all kinds of specific clinical coding and medical anomaly registration positions.

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