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HIT Salary in Iowa - IA

According to one Iowa college report, the health information technology salary in Iowa is anywhere from $25,000 to $31,000. Jobs in HIT can be found in a variety of settings around the state. Many major hospitals like Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Saint Luke's Hospital, Genesis Medical Center East, and doctor clinics, are a good place to look for employment. Other possibilities include rehabilitation facilities, local doctors offices, government clinics, and many other similar locations. Any location that offers medical services of any kind will need employees trained in HIT.

The unusual level of demand and job security in this field means the potential for finding work as soon as you complete your training is likely. Healthcare in general is considered a good field to enter.  HIT is considered an excellent field to enter due to the growing need for formally trained health information technicians, spurred by the fact that more facilities are switching from paper record keeping to electronic records.  As this trend continues, the need for skilled and certified technicians will continue to grow in Iowa. One major city, Des Moines, offers a job board that may be helpful to you when the time comes to look for a position. They can be found at

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