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HIT Salary in Massachusetts - MA

Health information technologists or technicians, or HITs, have very important jobs in the health care field. They are responsible for organizing and managing a patient’s electronic medical records, keeping them secure, and they also facilitate communication among health care providers to provide the optimum treatment levels for the patient. HITs typically work in health care facilities, medical offices, and clinics, and usually have little to no patient contact.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average nationwide salary for health information technicians is $33,880. The average health information technology salary in Massachusetts is a bit higher, at $39,310. Salaries tend to vary from one setting to another, and the pay may be higher in one city than in another within the same state.  According to, the average salary in Massachusetts for someone with RHIT certification is $68,000; while someone who works as a noncertified health information technician makes an average of $55,000. This shows you how certification can pay off in the long run. Here are some examples of average RHIT and health information technology salaries for cities across Massachusetts, also found on

  RHIT Salaries HIT Salaries
Boston, MA $67,000 $53,000
Worcester, MA $54,000 $44,000
Springfield, MA $59,000 $47,000
Cambridge, MA $66,000 $53,000
Lowell, MA $66,000 $53,000
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