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HIT Salary in Missouri - MO

On average, health information technology professionals in Missouri earn around $47,000 each year. Although this is only an average figure, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the top 10% of HIT professionals earned more than $50,000 each year. As you can see, there is definitely room for advancement and financial growth within this career field.

Furthermore, the BLS also identified health information technology as one of the fastest growing professions. The average growth rate for most professions is 9% over 10 years, but health information technology is expected to see at least 20%. What this shows is that medical record technology is advancing at lightning speed, and HIT professionals can certainly take advantage of this growth.

In Missouri, health information technicians work in many different medical environments, including general hospitals, trauma centers, urgent care facilities, physician’s offices, dental offices, nursing homes, chiropractic clinics, outpatient care clinics, and even government medical facilities. The great thing about a career in HIT is that you can really take your career in any direction you want.

One of the factors that often impacts salary is geographic location. Below you will see the average HIT salary in Missouri according to city:

  • Kansas City: $37,000
  • St. Louis: $45,000
  • Springfield: $38,000
  • Independence: $37,000

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