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HIT Salary in Nevada - NV

In general, most HIT professionals in Nevada earn around $44,000 annually, although many factors can ultimately influence this figure. However, even as a beginner in this field, you are going to be earning a substantial amount of money each year.

In Nevada, there has been substantial growth in health information technology careers over the last few years. There are a few reasons for this. One of them is that the aging population in Nevada has created a consistent need for medical treatment and intervention. The other is that medical records technology is continuing to advance, and along with this technology comes the need for professionals qualified to implement them.

HIT careers in Nevada are not limited by any means. Professionals working in this field can choose which type of facility they want to work in. The key is that every healthcare organization needs qualified, diligent HIT professionals, so there really aren’t any boundaries as to which type of facility you can work in. Most HIT specialists in Nevada work in general and surgical hospitals, but you can also work in chiropractic offices, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, trauma centers, and urgent care clinics.

Here is the average health information technology salary in Nevada listed by city:

  • Las Vegas: $40,000
  • Henderson: $40,000
  • Reno: $39,000

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