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HIT Salary in New Jersey - NJ

Health information technology salaries in New Jersey on average are some of the highest in the country. New Jersey residents have one of the highest average per capita income levels in the United States. One reason the salary levels are so high is that jobs in urban areas typically earn higher salaries than those in rural areas and every county in the state of New Jersey is considered urban. Several cities in the northeast part of the state are part of or near the New York City metropolis; cities such as Trenton and Camden on the western edge of the state are close to Philadelphia. New Jersey is a relatively small state in terms of area, but it is the most densely populated state in the country.

The majority of health information technicians work in hospitals. Because virtually every type of health provider has or will eventually have health information technology systems in place, the variety of career opportunities for HIT professionals is vast. Smaller offices, large practices, long-term care facilities, out-patient surgery centers, and specialists’ offices are just some of types of settings an HIT professional in New Jersey can choose to work in. In addition, non-provider businesses such as insurance companies, government agencies, and health information technology vendors also hire qualified health information technicians.

According to, registered health information technicians in the cities listed below earn these salaries on average:

  • Newark:  $49,000
  • Jersey City:  $49,000
  • Paterson:  $50,000
  • Elizabeth:  $49,000
  • Middlesex County:  $51,000
  • Trenton:  $38,000
  • Camden:  $36,000

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