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HIT Salary in New Mexico - NM

Health information technology salaries in New Mexico depend on the qualifications of the employee, the size and type of the facility, and the demographics of the surrounding area. New Mexico ranks fifth in area of all the United States; its population is slightly more than two million—making it sparsely populated relative to its area. New Mexico is very culturally rich, having the highest percentage of Hispanic residents and the third highest percentage of Native Americans. A health information technician who speaks Spanish and understands the cultural nuances of Native American residents would be a tremendous asset to any health care facility.

The majority of health information technicians work in hospitals. Other typical workplaces include physician offices, clinics and specialty medical centers, and long-term care facilities. Other types of businesses, such as insurance companies, government agencies, and health information vendors, may also utilize the knowledge and expertise of a health information technician. As seen below, the average salary for registered health information technicians remain relatively consistent throughout the ten largest cities in the state of New Mexico, even though the population from the largest to the smallest varies significantly. Approximate population figures are included for comparison purposes:

  • Albuquerque (528,500):  $30,000
  • Las Cruces (93,600):  $32,000
  • Rio Rancho (82,600):  $30,000
  • Santa Fe (73,700):   $31,000
  • Roswell (46,600):  $33,000
  • Farmington (43,400):  $32,000
  • Alamogordo (36,000):  $31,000
  • Clovis (33,000):  $32,000
  • Hobbs (30,900):  $31,000
  • Carlsbad (26,300):  $32,000

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