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HIT Salary in New York - NY

Health information technology salaries in New York are affected by many factors. One such factor has to do with the education and experience of the technician. Another is the type of facility where the technician is employed; yet another is the demographics and location of the facility itself. Most employers in New York prefer that their health information technicians are registered—to become a registered health information technician requires an associate’s degree and passing the certification exam. The majority of health information technicians work in hospitals. Other facilities that utilize the services of health information technicians include clinics, physician’s offices, and other health care settings. Some work in non-provider settings such as government agencies, insurance companies, or companies that provide health information products.

Health information technology salaries in New York vary widely depending on the location. Registered health information technicians earn higher wages in large urban areas. The demand for health information technicians will continue to rise in the coming years as the population ages and seeks more medical care and as technology continues to grow in importance in health care delivery. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 20% growth in this field over the next 8-10 years. Listed below is salary information for registered health information technicians in the ten largest cities in New York state:

  • New York City:  $50,000
  • Buffalo:  $32,000
  • Rochester:  $31,000
  • Yonkers:  $50,000
  • Syracuse:  $35,000
  • Albany:  $34,000
  • New Rochelle:  $50,000
  • Mount Vernon:  $50,000
  • Schenectady:  $34,000
  • Utica:  $32,000

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