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HIT Salary in Oklahoma - OK

As more and more physicians and health care facilities are moving to adopt electronic recordkeeping, the work required to reach this goal is expected to create a high demand for qualified Health Information Technology (HIT) professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Education, approximately 50,000 qualified health information technology workers will be needed to meet the federal mandate that requires all healthcare providers to implement Electronic Health Records by 2015. In Oklahoma, during 2006, there were 2,730 medical records and health information technicians; this number is expected to climb by 11 percent to 3,030 in 2016 according to statistics provided by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Economic Research and Analysis Division.

Salaries for health information technologists vary, depending on position, such as a manager, facility (i.e., hospital, physician office and insurance company), years of experience and geographic location. However, according to, a Website with job postings throughout the United States, the average median salary yearly for a Health Information Technologist in Oklahoma is $44,000. For those who have attained the professional certification of a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT), salaries are somewhat higher at $47,000 yearly. In other cities throughout Oklahoma, median annual salaries are:  Oklahoma City, $42,000; Tulsa, $39,000 and Norman, $43,000. 

Job opportunities exist at most hospitals in Oklahoma; including INTEGRIS Health Centers, Saint Francis Hospital, Saint Anthony Hospital and the many, Oklahoma State University Medical Center.

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