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HIT Salary in Rhode Island - RI

The average health information technology salary in Rhode Island is $46,000 a year, which is significantly higher than the estimated national average of $30,610. Keep in mind that is only an average figure, and several factors are used to determine salary.

In Rhode Island, there is definitely a positive outlook for health information technicians. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for qualified HIT specialists to increase by at least 20% over the next 8 years. This estimate is significant because most other professions only see an increase of about 9%, so there is definitely a rising interest in the HIT field.

One of the best things about HIT careers is that they are a central facet of every healthcare setting. You are not limited to any one specialty, but rather you can seek employment in every type of medical facility. Health information technology professionals in Rhode Island are commonly employed in hospitals, nursing home facilities, physician’s offices, dental clinics, specialty clinics, and even psychiatric clinics.

The list below shows information on some of the average salaries for HIT professionals in Rhode Island by city:

  • Providence: $40,000
  • Warwick: $41,000
  • Cranston: $40,000
  • Pawtucket: $40,000

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