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HIT Salary in South Dakota - SD

The median HIT salary in South Dakota is $44,000 annually. While this is certainly a well-rounded figure, there is also a lot of earning potential to be had in this career field. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggested that the need for health information technicians in South Dakota would grow by 20% or more.

Interestingly, the BLS only predicted a 9% growth for that of most other general professions. Because HIT is somewhat of a new profession, there are not as many professionals entering as are ideally needed, which means that there is a shortage of supply in formally trained graduates in the HIT field. As a new graduate, this trend can help you secure lucrative employment.

In South Dakota, HIT professionals can take their careers in almost any direction they choose. They are not limited to conventional employment by any means. While most health information technicians in South Dakota do work in hospital settings, there are also other avenues of employment, such as outpatient care clinics, psychiatric facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing home facilities, dental clinics, and trauma centers.

It is important to remember that several things can ultimately affect your annual income, including geographic location. Here you will see the average salaries for health information technicians in South Dakota listed by city:

  • Sioux Falls: $37,000
  • Rapid City: $35,000
  • Aberdeen: $36,000
  • Watertown: $38,000

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