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HIT Salary in West Virginia - WV

The average health information technology salary in West Virginia is $55,000 per year, which is certainly well-above the 2008 average of $30,610. There is no doubt that there is tremendous financial potential in HIT in West Virginia.

Keep in mind, also, that health information technology professions are slated for large growth in the coming years. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a study concluding that HIT careers would increase by a minimum of 20% over the next 10 years. We are 8 years away from fully realizing the weight of this statistic, but we can see HIT becoming more of a necessity every day.

In West Virginia, HIT careers are found in every type of medical facility. Professionals in this field work as integral components within the healthcare system, so their services are needed at every level of care. The majority of HIT professionals in West Virginia work in general hospitals, but there are opportunities available in doctor’s offices, surgical center, multi-specialty clinics, outpatient care clinics, and so much more.

One way that you can increase your earning potential in this field is by getting involved with professional organizations, like the West Virginia Health Information Management Association and the West Virginia Health Information Management Network.

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