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Health Information Technology Training in Kentucky - KY

The number of individuals enjoying health information technology (HIT) careers is quickly growing across the country including in the state of Kentucky. More medical facilities are converting their old system of record keeping to state of the art electronic data systems. This growth has created a new demand for technicians who are trained in the field. There are several programs to choose from to get ready for a career in medical information management. HIT training in Kentucky includes two and four year degree programs, or shorter training programs that lead to certification. One of these is the Medical Records and Coding Specialist.

This program takes about a year to complete. It will teach you how to enter hundreds of medical codes with accuracy and completeness. It will give you the necessary skills to process incoming and outgoing requests for medical records for the facility you work at. You may also learn how to audit medical charts to ensure compliance with established coding guidelines. The training will incorporate knowledge of reimbursement policies, ethics in handling records, and legal statues that are pertinent to your career.

Training programs for the coding specialist and other similar certifications are available in educational facilities around Kentucky. Louisville, Lexington, and Owensboro are excellent places to look for training programs.  It is worth considering the respective benefits of both traditional schools and online universities.

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