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Health Information Technology Training in Maryland - MD

The discipline of health information technology, or HIT, is a quickly growing field involving electronic medical records. HIT training in Maryland can prepare you for a variety of health information technology careers, with titles such as Health Data Analyst, Records Technician Specialist, Insurance Claims Analyst, Physician Practice Manager, Clinical Coding Specialist, and Patient Information Coordinator. Training programs in Maryland are available to help you prepare for these jobs. Most of these are obtainable with a minimum of a health care information technology associate degree, and, sometimes, professional certification.

With a bachelor degree, other opportunities open up, according to the Maryland Health Information Management Association (MdHIMA). Jobs you can strive for in Maryland with a bachelor degree (and, most likely, certification) include HIM Department Director, Data Quality Manager, HIM System Manager, HIM College Instructor, Information Security Officer and Consultant. Jobs are available across the state in cities such as Elkton, Frederick, Baltimore, Cumberland and Hagerstown. Most HIT jobs are in medical offices or facilities, such as John Hopkins Medicine, Holy Cross Hospital, Franklin Square Hospital Center and Prince George’s Hospital Center. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts huge growth in the HIT field over the next ten years. Currently, there are 2580 health information technicians employed in Maryland, according to the BLS.

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