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Health Information Technology Training in New Jersey - NJ

Health information technology careers have multiplied at a remarkable rate over the past several years. As the technology for computers, software programs, and communication has expanded, so has its use in the medical field. Health information technicians have unique and necessary skills that blend the need for fast, accurate, and secure medical information with the technology that makes it available at the touch of a button through the use of computers and associated technologies.  For those interested in health information technology careers in New Jersey, there are several options available for education and training.

Most employers prefer that their health information technicians have at least an associate’s degree from an accredited program and have passed an exam for certification. Health information technology training in New Jersey can be obtained through a variety of college and university programs, as well as online.

Students who have no previous experience or education in either health care or computer technology can find entry level positions as application analysts or clinical document control specialists after they’ve received their degree and certification. For those who have previous clinical experience, such as a nursing degree, jobs as EHR (electronic health records) implementation specialists or health system integration specialists can be obtained after they have learned the computer technology necessary for these positions. Courses in health care topics such as medical terminology and others will benefit candidates who have previous IT experience. They can find positions as database professionals or programmers. Combining health care knowledge and information technology is the primary focus of health information technology programs in New Jersey.

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