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Health Information Technology Training in Rhode Island - RI

Health information technology specialists work closely with administrators to ensure the correctness and completeness of medical records. Because patient safety can be compromised if records do not meet these criteria, HITs in Rhode Island are a major component to the organizational structure within any healthcare facility.

In order to make the transition between student and health information technician, you will participate in health information technology training in Rhode Island. This is a hands-on experience that challenges students to apply what they have learned in school to information systems in a healthcare environment. You will be under the direct supervision of a health information administrator, who will help you learn the basics of HIT and the role you will play in the healthcare system.

Some of these principles include:

  • Maintaining data in EHR systems
  • Identifying patterns of disease and treatment
  • Recognizing critical errors within the medical records
  • Utilizing computer applications
  • Communicating with physicians regarding errors
  • Understanding the components of medical records

Now that EHR technology is becoming much more of a reality in healthcare settings, some of your training will be dedicated to utilizing and analyzing EHR systems as well.

One of the greatest aspects of pursuing a career in this field is that it is projected for huge growth in the future. The key to stability in this career field is the sustained need for medical intervention. Health conditions like obesity, which affects about 59.6% of Rhode Island’s population, is just one of the reasons that the need for medical care in Rhode Island will continue to remain stable.

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