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Health Information Technology Training in South Carolina - SC

To help ensure that students are competent and ready for entry into the HIT field, all students are put through rigorous health information technology training in South Carolina. The fundamentals of HIT are taught to you in school, but the applications of how these fundamentals are used in healthcare are shown to you in the field. By working hands-on with technology and patient health information, you will truly learn your place as a health information technician in South Carolina.

Each school develops its own curriculum for the HIT training program, but most schools focus on the basic principles of HIT, which often include:

  • Assembly of patient health information
  • Organization and management of health information
  • Ensure that information is accurate, accessible, and secure
  • Interact with doctors to ensure diagnoses and medications are correct
  • Identify errors in medical information

Because EHR systems are now being used in a wide variety of medical settings, it is imperative that health information technicians become familiar with utilizing and managing this technology. This will be covered in great detail during the training program.

There is significant growth occurring for health information technology careers in South Carolina. HIT professionals are the behind the scenes operators of computer systems and patient information. For example, the Medicare demographic group in South Carolina constitutes about 16.8% of the general population. So long as medical care is needed, HIT professionals will be there to ensure the delivery of healthcare.

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