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Health Information Technology Training in Texas - TX

There is exciting news for those interested in pursuing health information technology careers in Texas. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the state government has recently announced that between 2006 and 2016 the number of medical records and health information technicians employed in the state will rise from 10,450 to 13,750. This employment growth trend could add as many as 3,300 new health information technologists or technicians (HITs) to the current labor force for this occupation. With a 31.6% employment spurt over a ten year period, HITs are among the most in demand professionals in Texas.

As of yet, HITs are not required to be state licensed, registered, or certified in order to legally practice in Texas. However, most employers will only hire HITs that have prior education and training in HIT-related capacities. Students can always jump-start their education by completing high school courses (including advanced-placement) in subjects like math, health, computer science, and biology. After earning a high school diploma or GED, students should enroll in a formal HIT education program. Right now, the most thorough and widely available HIT training programs in Texas are provided by institutes of higher education. Although HITs with advanced degrees in health information technology, management, or administration may benefit from higher paying jobs, most HITs only need an associate degree to qualify for entry-level positions. 

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