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Health Information Technology Training in Washington - WA

The Bureau of Labor projects that the field of health and medical technology information will grow substantially over the coming years. HIT training in Washington can be a relatively quick route to a lucrative career in a growing industry. Those pursuing a career in medical information technology have a variety of related programs to choose from, at community colleges, universities, and online schools. An associates degree is generally all that is required for an entry level position in the field, but higher degrees can help health care industry technicians advance in their careers -- for example, earning the title health information manager. Some students opt for a two year degree in health information technology (HIT) and pursue more advanced training later.

HIT programs are often conducted online, through Washington schools and schools with a nationwide e-learning focus. Those considering a career in health information technology in Washington State should be aware that different acronyms are used for different programs and different levels of education. RHIT stands for registered health information technician, a signal to employers that an applicant has had training appropriate to an entry level position in the field.  HIM, health information management, is usually used to denote a higher level of education.

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