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Health Information Technology Training in West Virginia - WV

HIT training in West Virginia is challenging, comprehensive, and goal-oriented. It is important that students not only learn in an educational environment, but also that they have the opportunity to apply themselves in a real-world application. HIT training programs are designed to expose students to the realities of working with health information technology, giving them adequate on-the-job experience that will be beneficial to them once they begin working.

In West Virginia, the objectives of the clinical training practicum are designed by the individual school. Overall, however, HIT training programs focus on the universal principles of health information technology.

During the training program, HIT students are assigned to a healthcare clinic in West Virginia. There they work closely with health information technicians and administrators to better understand the goals, function, and obligations of HIT professionals.

These are some of the things you will learn from this training experience:

  • Compiling and maintaining patient information
  • Utilizing computer programs to assist in the management of patient information
  • Systematically organizing patient data
  • Reviewing medical records to ensure their accuracy and completion
  • Analyzing records for errors
  • Collaborating with physicians to clarify errors and inconsistencies

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