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Herbalist Certification in Connecticut - CT

Herbalist certification in Connecticut can take one of several different forms. Many training and education centers offer certification at family, consultant, and master levels. Each level requires a more thorough knowledge of practical herbalism and encourages implementation of that knowledge in increasingly various applications.

Acquiring relevant certification is just one of several important components in terms of a balanced, complete herbalist education. In addition to proper certification, college education and professional experience, herbalist students will find that associating with credentialing organizations will help to bolster their career. Obtaining membership with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the American Herbalist Guild, and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners will compliment any professional herbalist's credibility and support their continuing education needs.

Herbalists in Connecticut, whether involved in retail, production, research or personal practice, are likely to witness a growing interest in their trade as conventional medicine continues to warm to alternative practices. Individuals in Connecticut spend around $4,800 annually on personal health, and take about eleven prescription drugs throughout an average year. With herbalism positioned to draw from personal health spending and replace selected prescription drug usage, well respected and certified herbalists in Connecticut stand to enjoy considerable success.

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