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Herbalist Certification in Florida - FL

As the field of herbalism grows and the number of herbalists in training increases, aspiring herbalists are looking for ways to help them stand out in the field, and many are turning to certification as a means of doing so.

Certification may be particularly helpful if you hope to work for a formal healthcare institution, like a hospital or clinic, or a large company producing herbal remedies. Those interested in starting their own practice or finding personal clients may also find certification useful in growing their client base.

Florida doesn’t offer licenses in herbal medicine, so if you want to practice herbal medicine with a state license you’ll have to become an acupuncturist, registered nurse, or other medical practitioner. However, medical licenses are not necessary to practice herbal medicine. Still, many herbalists seek certification of some sort in order to assert their credentials and training to potential employers and customers.

There are several options for herbal certification in Florida that do not require a state medical license. Most herbalist schools that offer comprehensive educational programs offer herbal medicine degrees or certification confirming that students have completed a full course of education and training. Several professional organizations, like the American Herbalists’ Guild, also offer certification to trained herbalists who meet professional requirements and/or pass a qualifying test.

As herbalism becomes a more mainstream career, certification is sure to help you establish yourself as a professional herbalist in cities from Orlando to Miami.

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