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Herbalist Certification in Georgia - GA

Atlanta, Georgia boosts one of the older chapters of the American Herbalist Guild. The chapter has been around since 1998 -- pre-infancy in terms of the history of herbalism, but a long time in 'postmodern' American medicine.  Georgia's HGA members can gather once a month at the beautiful Atlantic Botanical Gardens and also communicate through Yahoo groups to keep on top of their profession.

The American Herbalist Guild will also certify qualified herbalists in any Georgia city, from Savannah to Columbus. The AHG recognizes herbalists from all herbalist traditions, provided they have completed a rigorous four year education and also submitted successful case reviews and professional references.  Voluntary certification through the AHG allows an herbalist to use the title registered herbalist, or RH (AHG).  This in turn helps her find clients or formal employment opportunities.

There are other options for herbalist certification in Georgia. Those pursuing simultaneous studies in acupuncture and herbal healing will likely also want herbology certification through NCCAOM.  There is a modular exam in Chinese herbology, which forms part of the certification process for people who have graduated from an accredited program. AAMA meanwhile certifies alternative health practitioners in any discipline who have PhDs or the equivalent.

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