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Herbalist Certification in Illinois - IL

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Illinois

Herbal studies are usually offered at the certificate level. Some of the certificate options include the family herbalist, the consulting herbalist, and the master herbalist. Some students also choose to pursue specialized degrees in herbal medicine. Regardless of whether you pursue a certificate or degree, you will be on your way to a fascinating career in herbalism.

Remember that there is no state regulation over this particular profession. With that being said, it is increasingly important to seek herbal certification in Illinois. Going to this next level beyond traditional education can put you one step ahead of other students, and also identify you as a professional in your own right.

In Illinois, certification is available from the American Herbalists Guild. This is an organization committed to identifying herbal professionals and enhancing the future of the profession. Certification is available at the student and professional level. In order to qualify, the experiences of each student are reviewed, including both educational study and clinical experience.

Once certified, you will be recognized as a registered herbalist (RH), and you will be required to complete the continuing education requirements during every 2-year renewal period. Seeking this type of certification is paramount to developing a successful career in herbal medicine.

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