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Herbalist Certification in Indiana - IN

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Indiana

In Indiana, herbology students have the option of pursing the certificate option or the degree option. Certificate offerings generally include the family herbalist, consulting herbalist, or master herbalist certificate. Pursuing a degree in herbal studies will allow you to practice in a specialized area of herbal medicinal therapy. The important thing is to decide where you want to take your career, and then choose a program that matches that vision.

Herbalist certification in Indiana is imperative to creating a professional image. Since there isn’t any state licensing regulation for this field, it has become increasingly important to distinguish yourself as a professional. You can do this by seeking certification with the American Herbalists Guild.

The American Herbalists Guild is a unique organization that was developed to help move the herbal medicine profession into mainstream medical care while maintaining the integrity of this ancient practice. They are a non-profit group specializing in continuing education for herbal practitioners, as well as helping Indiana residents connect with well-educated, qualified herbal professionals.

Certification is generally available for both students and professionals, with different requirements of each type of membership. After your credentials have been checked and verified, you can receive certification as a registered herbalist (RH). In order to keep your title current, you will be required to complete a certain of amount of continuing education credits every 2 years.

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