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Herbalist Certification in Kansas - KS

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Kansas

Students in Kansas studying herbal medicine have a couple of educational options. They can pursue a certificate or a degree in herbology or holistic medicine. The certificate programs are generally broken down as the family herbalist certificate, the consulting herbalist certificate, and the master herbalist certificate. There is a great distinction between these options, so it important to determine how you want to approach your future career.

In Kansas, students also have the option of pursing an herbal medicine degree. These types of degrees are usually specific to a specialty within herbal therapy. The majority of students in Kansas begin their careers with the certificate option, but it is worth mentioning that you have a few different options here.

Once you have graduated from an herbal certificate or degree program, you can then begin thinking about certification. Herbal certification in Kansas can be sought from the American Herbalists Guild, which is a non-profit agency dedicated to the betterment of the profession. They are also actively involved in bringing together patients and experienced herbal practitioners, so your alignment with them can certainly help promote your professional image.

In order to be certified with the AHG, you must complete an educational program as well as a clinical training program. Once this has been confirmed, you will be recognized as a registered herbalist (RH).

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