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Herbalist Certification in Kentucky - KY

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Kentucky

As an herbal medicine student in Kentucky, it is important to be aware of your degree options. Herbal medicine programs typically have certificate and degree options, each with their own benefits. The certificate programs generally include family herbalist, consulting herbalist, and master herbalist. It is worth noting that most students in Kansas begin with this option.

However, there is also the option of pursuing a more specialized degree. Degree programs generally prepare students for a specialized area of herbal therapeutics, and you should be sure of your career direction before you make the choice between a certificate or a degree.

Once you have finished your schooling, you can take your career to the next level by seeking herbalist certification in Kentucky. Remember that there are no licensing requirements for this field in Kentucky. What this means is that you must find a way to identify yourself from the masses of specialists in the field. You can do this by getting certified by the American Herbalists Guild.

The AHG is an incredible organization. They are non-profit and act as the voice of herbal medicine professionals. They provide continuing education resources, and also work to help patients find qualified, experienced herbalists. In keeping with their standards and ethics for the profession, they provide certification to qualified members. This certification is known as the registered herbalist (RH) credential. By completing both academic and training requirements, you can qualify for this title and distinguish yourself as a specialist in this career field.

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