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Herbalist Certification in Louisiana - LA

In Louisiana, herbal medicine students have two educational options: the certificate program and the degree program. Because there are advantages to each type of program, it is best to go over them so that students can make an informed decision about their future career paths.

The certificate option includes the family herbalist certificate, the consulting herbalist certificate, and the master herbalist certificate. Each of these options can help Montana students take their careers in different directions.

The other option is the degree program, which is typically geared toward students interested in pursuing a specialty of herbalism. Both of these options will take you to a career in herbalism. It is just a matter of determining what type of work you want to do and what type of facility you want to work in.

Remember that there are no licensing laws in Louisiana governing herbal medicine as profession. This means that professionals must seek other methods of validation, which can be done through the American Herbalists Guild. This is a non-profit organization that awards herbalist certification in Louisiana to qualified recipients. They also seek to advance the profession and ensure that patients are aware of the health benefits of herbal treatment.

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