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Herbalist Certification in Maine - ME

In Maine, herbal studies can be completed through both certificate and degree programs, depending on the type of herbalism career you are interested in. Most students in Maine begin their careers with the certificate option, which includes the family herbalist, consulting herbalist, and master herbalist certificates. The reason for this is that it gives students a more firm starting point, and they can decide at some other time exactly where they want to direct their careers. 

In addition, there are also herbal medicine degree programs, which are more specialized degrees. These programs generally focus on a particular specialty within the field and allow students to pursue specific careers within herbalism. Again, the majority of students in Maine don’t start with degree programs, but it is a good option to keep open.

After you have completed your education, the next step is obtaining herbal certification in Maine. This is a vital piece of your career because there are no state licensing laws for this career field, which means that professionals must seek alternative routes to validate themselves as professionals.

After thorough testing and review of qualifications, students can be certified by the American Herbalists Guild. This agency is dedicated to connecting patients with qualified herbalists and advancing the herbal medicine field.

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