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Herbalist Certification in Minnesota - MN

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Minnesota

In the past few decades, medical practices such as herbalism have risen from being a fad of the seventies, to a growing accepted addition in the practice of integrative medicine. Integrative medicine utilizes both traditional Western medical practices with the older and widely practiced holistic treatments many other countries practice. One of these is herbalism, used in caring for a patient’s health and wellbeing. The herbalist certification in Minnesota trains you to understand how herbs can impact a person’s health and gives you the skills to dispense advice and offer treatment.

The levels of certification start with the basic program, and then move to the advanced program. After completing the advanced certification, the next step, if you choose to continue in your education, is completing a clinical internship. At this level of certification, you will spend time with actual clients in a supervised capacity. Each of these three certifications builds on each other, giving you not only greater knowledge, but also a degree of trust with clients as a skilled medical practitioner.

One additional certification opportunity for students in Minnesota is through an organization called the American Herbalist Guild. They have stringent guidelines for membership that includes a proficiency exam. They also have additional requirements for continuing education. Members who successfully meet their requirements are certified and given the designation Herbalist AHG.

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