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Herbalist Certification in Mississippi - MS

Herbalist certification in Mississippi may be obtained through the American Herbalists Guild.  Founded in 1989, the AHG has become something of a gold standard for herbalists in the United States.  The AHG registers exceptional herbalists from varying traditions -- including Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Folk American -- who have an advanced education and a high level of professional competence.

In order to qualify, a practitioner must graduate from a four year program that includes requisite hours in the following subject areas:

  • Anatomy and human science
  • Pharmacology
  • Plant identification
  • Therapeutic herbalism (materia medica)

The program must also include both clinical and research skills. Graduation from a rigorous program isn’t quite enough, though, to earn the esteemed title RH (AHG). In order to qualify for AHG certification, an herbalist must also submit case studies and professional references that demonstrate competent clinical practice. This process is important for public trust.

Some herbalists will qualify for additional certifications and professional memberships. Alternative health professionals who have a doctorate level degree may become members of the American Alternative Medical Association or AAMA. Acupuncturists may also seek additional certification in herbology through NCCAOM.  Those who graduate from an accredited program may be just an exam away from a lucrative practice.

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