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Herbalist Certification in Missouri - MO

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Missouri

According to the Economic Policy Institute for residents in Missouri, 75% of hourly wage earners in the bottom one-fifth of earnings do not have health insurance through their jobs. This lack of healthcare access causes people to seek alternatives to traditional medical treatments. Many are looking to herbal remedies to help with everything from influenza to heart disease. Students who wish to practice in this field have many options for certification. The Western herbalist certification in Missouri is one way to go. They have four certificate programs: Family Herbalist, Professional Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist, and Materia Medica.

The first certificate, Family Herbalist, is primarily designed for personal edification and training and not really intended for the professional practitioner; however, it does lay a good foundation of basic understanding in the field of herbal medicine. The next level is the Professional Herbalist Certificate for herbal healing. The Missouri student who chooses this certification will likely incorporate it into a pre-existing career, or as a start to a new career as an herbalist. The third level is the Clinical Herbalist Certificate for the student who wants to open his or her own clinical practice. And the fourth certification level is the Materia Medica Certificate. This certification is specific to the study of medicinal plants and their uses. Each certification is designed to build upon each other as each level increases your skills and qualifications as an herbalist.

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