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Herbalist Certification in Nebraska - NE

Herbalist certification in Nebraska can be approached in several different ways. One training certification program that is commonly available consists of 300 Classroom Hours spread over a 20-week timeframe. This certificate program also includes 120 hours of integrated physiology, pathology, herbal actions, and herbal medicine.

The program covers the basics of the entire model of healing, then takes you through the body’s systems, teaching you which herbs are most commonly used to influence each organ and system. You will also learn the basics in nutritional science, botany, and the spectrum of the business aspect of growing and selling herbs.

If you want to continue on with your education, there are advanced certification programs that can be added to the basic certificate. Many of the courses are often available as stand-alone classes or are combined together to award you with an advanced certification.

The next stage of certification takes you into actual clinical settings where you will spend the next several months seeing patients in a clinic. It is during this internship that you will have the opportunity to work under supervision while practicing your profession.

The other option to training as an herbalist is to incorporate your certification with a degree program. The degree you choose can be in any number of integrated medical fields such as acupuncture or chiropractor. Herbal certification will enhance your training as a holistic healer.

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