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Herbalist Certification in New Hampshire - NH

Unless one is planning to train to become a full-fledged physician, herbalist certification in New Hampshire is not required in order to practice herbal medicine. Of course, for those who do plan to further their medical education and become a doctor or nurse or other licensed health practitioner, certification is a must. However, for most practicing herbalists in New Hampshire, an herbal medicine degree or certificate from the school where you took your herbal studies is sufficient.

The American Herbalists Guild (AHG), a non-profit, educational organization started in 1989, is the most common professional certification organization for herbalists in the United States. Following herbal training in New Hampshire, some herbalists choose to become certified through this organization, although it is not a state requirement to work as an herbalist there.  The credentialing process of AHG involves ongoing professional peer review following certification, to ensure that a registered herbalist stays up-to-date in the latest in herbal education and training. Some of the more prominent companies in New Hampshire that employ herbal specialists might prefer certified applicants over non-certified applicants. When herbal training is completed, companies that could potentially hire certified or non-certified herbalists in New Hampshire include the Center for Integrative Medicine in Concord and United Natural Foods in Chesterfield.

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