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Herbalist Certification in Ohio - OH

Those pursuing herbalist certification in Ohio have multiple options.  NCCAOM certification is an option for those interested in combining traditional herbology with other techniques of Oriental medicine. Acupuncture became legal outside the medical profession in 2000.  More recently (2009), herbalism was added to the scope of practice. Acupuncturists Ohio cities like Columbus, Dayton, and Akron do need additional training, though, to incorporate herbalism into their practice.

Herbalists from all traditions have the option of pursuing certification through the American Herbalist Guild.  The AHG requires four years of training and practice in addition to three letters of reference and three case reviews.  There are rigorous standards, which include minimum hours in such areas as anatomy and botany. Passing an AHG credential review allows a practitioner to use the title RH (AHG) -- and lets potential clients and employers know that that practitioner has been held to the highest standards of the profession.

There are additional options available to herbalists who have completed post-baccalaureate education programs. The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is primarily a British agency, but does list some healers from nations around the world.  Those who have bachelor’s level education need to have graduated from one of NIMH’s approved programs; this is not the case, though, for those with very high level degrees.

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