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Herbalist Certification in Pennsylvania - PA

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Pennsylvania

Certification for herbal medicine is as simple as completing one’s herbal studies and receiving a certificate or herbal medicine from your training institution. Unless one is going to practice medicine as a doctor or other licensed health practitioner in Pennsylvania, certification is not mandatory. However, following herbalist training, some graduates choose to become professionally certified, so as to validate the knowledge with the public and open up further job opportunities and professional possibilities.

The most common professional credentialing organization among herbalists is the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). This organization requires that all applicants for professional registry complete the AHG application, submit a personal and professional biography, have at least four years of training and clinical experience, provide three letters of reference from botanical medicine practitioners, and complete three comprehensive case histories. An exam must also be passed. Once accepted, professional herbalists may call themselves Registered Herbalist, RH (AHG). Again, while this is not a requirement in Pennsylvania, some of the larger companies in the herbal supplement industries will look more favorably upon professionally certified herbalists than non-certified ones. Examples of larger companies in Pennsylvania that could potentially employ herbalists include Teva Pharmaceuticals in North Wales, Glanbia Nutritionals in Exton, and Vitamin World in Tannserville.

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