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Herbalist Certification in Rhode Island - RI

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Rhode Island

Individuals who wish to specialize within the field can earn herbalist certification in Rhode Island.  Those who wish to align their studies with their interests and/or to build on previous education and degrees may pursue, for example:

  • family herbalist certificate, which examines the growth and harvest of herbs for home remedies and addresses topics such as aromatherapy and women’s health;
  • Chinese herbal medicine certificate, which focuses on modern and traditional Chinese herbal remedies for individuals who hold an undergraduate degree and, in some states, an acupuncturist license; and
  • master herbalist graduate certificate, which blends modern and traditional herbal knowledge and techniques for individuals who hold an undergraduate degree in areas such as horticulture, culinary arts and environmental sustainability.

Although there is no formal license for herbalists in Rhode Island, individuals can seek accreditation through voluntary credentials with AHG.  Members of AHG may indicate “Herbalist AHG�? after their names as proof of their accreditation.  To qualify for this professional organization, herbalists must:

  • possess at least four or more years of training;
  • engage in clinical experience;
  • submit three letters of recommendation;
  • provide evidence of three case histories;
  • pass a qualifying examination; and
  • complete a mandated number of continuing education hours every two years.

The National Institute of Medical Health (NIMH), which is the longest operating professional group dedicated to medical herbalism, also requires it members to pass an accreditation examination and to maintain specific standards.  Given its membership mandates, it, too, serves as an organization that can verify individuals’ skillfulness in the field.

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