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Herbalist Certification in South Dakota - SD

Herbal Medicine Degrees in South Dakota

An article in the Rapid City Journal reports that, “about 94,360 people in the United States developed serious forms of invasive MRSA in 2005, with more than 18,000 dying, according to the South Dakota Department of Health.�? One South Dakota man, according to this report, who recently developed MRSA used an herbal remedy known as Ryan’s Remedy and saw better results than from the $200 a-day antibiotics he was given. Stories like these are encouraging people to seek herbal medicine alternatives as health care costs skyrocket. As more people demand natural alternative health care, more practitioners will be needed. This is good news for students entering this field. Enrolling in a program designed for herbalist certification in South Dakota is one way that you can pursue this career.

Online certification programs are available to South Dakota residents and can take anywhere from a few months to many years to complete. Most programs will either teach Western herbalism or Chinese Traditional Medicine. One possible professional certification program, for example, is the Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CCHM). This certification program is a postgraduate program for licensed acupuncturists. It is designed for practitioners who want a comprehensive education in Chinese herbal medicine, studying over 300 herbal remedies. The CCHM program is a total of 62 credits. To qualify for the certificate, some schools require a major portion of these units be completed in residence.

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