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Herbalist Certification in Utah - UT

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Utah

One way for an herbalist to be certified in the state of Utah is through the American Herbalists Guild (AHG; www.americanherbalistsguild.com). This professional organization offers a professional designation for those herbalists who qualify. To become a Registered Herbalist through the guild (RH, AHG), applicants must have their credentials evaluated. In addition, those who seek this designation must complete an application, submit a biography of their personal and professional background, have completed a minimum of four years of training and experience, provide three letters of reference from practitioners of botanical medicine, and submit three case histories. Although the designation of “Registered Herbalist�? is voluntary, it does convey the commitment and background of education and experience in the field of herbal medicine.

As with any profession, continuing education is highly recommended for herbalists, and is, in fact, required in order to maintain the status of Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. Even if herbalists in Utah choose not to become registered, it is beneficial for them to continue learning all they can about their profession. Suggested topics for ongoing education include on-site courses or distance courses taught by approved herbal schools; courses that grant continuing education credit for other health professions that are relevant to herbalists; other workshops, courses, or symposiums which are relevant to herbal medicine as deemed by review of the course content; documented research projects in herbal medicine or a related field; documented independent study or experience; and peer reviews.

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