Herbalist Certification in Virginia - VA

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Virginia

Individuals can focus on their specific area of interest for herbalist certification in Virginia.  For instance, they may choose to pursue certification like:

  • family herbal medicine to acquire expertise in herbal remedies and client communication;
  • Chinese herbal medicine to acquire expertise in developing herbal medications; and
  • master herbal medicine to acquire expertise in integrating herbal medical techniques into daily activities.

As in all other states, herbalist licensure in Virginia is not available or required.  That is, there is no nationally or state-level recognized license that practitioners in the field can acquire.  Nevertheless, they can seek credentials through the AHG if they want to denote their level of training and expertise.  To join this group, herbalists must meet several requirements.  They must:

  • possess a minimum of four years of training;
  • demonstrate clinical experience;
  • submit recommendation letters;
  • earn a required grade on the AHG examination; and
  • enroll in ongoing education courses.

Members of AHG can designate their affiliation with the organization by denoting “Herbalist AHG” on professional documents.  They can also become members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), an organization that maintains the highest standards for its affiliates and whose strict requirements will further verify individuals’ skills.

Herbalist Schools