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Herbalist Certification in Wisconsin - WI

Herbal Medicine Degrees in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition (WIHFC) is an organization that, among other things, is trying to preserve access to natural therapies. Among these natural therapies is herbalism. Currently in Wisconsin there is not a standard licensure nor is there a certification process for herbalists. Herbalists need not attain herbalist certification programs in Wisconsin in order to practice within the state, although certification is offered through a number of online and campus based schools.

Traditional herbalist certification requires 375 to 500 hours of study, in addition to practical, hands-on experience. Master herbalists complete 1000 hours of herbal studies and receive an advanced herbal medicine degree. Both types of certified herbalists must pass examinations testing their practical knowledge of herbs and their applications. It is important to note that, whether or not you are certified as an herbalist in any capacity, herbalists do not diagnose, treat or prescribe herbal remedies. What they are trained to do is to educate the public about the safe and effective use of herbs as alternatives to traditional medical procedures and surgeries. Many professionals who become certified herbalists in Wisconsin also choose to become certified in other alternative medical practices, such as acupuncture. In this way, these professionals increase their scope of practice, and in turn, their ability to serve their clients.

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