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Herbalist Certification in Wyoming - WY

In Wyoming, the practice of herbal medicine is currently unregulated. Essentially, no such certification or licensing requirement exists for herbal practitioners. However, because the profession is unregulated, it creates a stronger desire among herbal practitioners to define themselves professionally with some form of third-party certification. This can be done through the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), or after some professional experience, through the American Herbalist Guild.

As recently as 2009, a national amendment corroborating the acceptance of alternative medical therapies was on the floor of the Senate. The goal of the amendment was to put in place licensing regulations for practitioners of holistic medicine and to require that insurance companies recognize their services as compensable so long as they held current state licensure. It is possible that insurance companies are beginning to wake up to the estimated one-third of Wyoming residents that report using herbal treatments. Mike Enzi, a Wyoming senator, was one of the largest advocates for this amendment.

Although the fate of this amendment did not achieve its intended results, it is certainly a welcoming feeling for herbalists in Wyoming to know that they have the support of their patients and organizations of alternative medicine statewide.

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