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Herbalist School in Alabama - AL

Herbalist schools in Alabama can be found that emphasize Oriental and Eastern herbal medicine as well as those that emphasize Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine and Western herbs.

For those with an interest in medicinal plants of the Appalachians, Alabama has herbalist schools that cover introductory courses, including understanding simples;; medicinal herbs and supplements; anatomy and physiology of the human body; herbal actions and properties of selected herbs; therapeutic approaches by body system; plant walks, plant identification and wildcrafting including field trips; principles of traditional Appalachian folk medicine; herbal remedies  and the principles of making flower essences, teas, tinctures, brews, salves, oils, food, oils,.

There are also two-year programs in Alabama for those interested in becoming a practitioner, with an emphasis in Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine using herbs. Typically, courses cover a deeper understanding of anatomy, including organs and the endocrine system; Galenic medicine, including the four elements, four humors, degrees, and qualities; creating herbal formulas; specific actions and properties of selected herbs; wildcrafting, growing, gathering and processing herbs; making herbal remedies such as teas, brews, tinctures, salves, oils, foods, oils, and flower essences; techniques for assessing the face, hair, nails and tongue and listening skills.

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