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Herbalist School in Alaska - AK

Herbalist schools are not readily available in most cities in Alaska and those interested in learning more about using the medicinal properties of herbs and plants by attending an on-campus program may be interested in exploring distance education programs that feature online learning via the Internet and Webinars. These education options may allow students to learn at their own pace and study from home. However, opportunities for clinical studies in herbal medicine, where students work with patients and have discussions with fellow students and teachers, may be limited. Students may be encouraged to explore other options in order to complete a specified number of clinical hours as part of their training, such as working with a professional herbalist who serves as a mentor.

Some of the courses that students may expect to take may include classes in botany and plant identification, where field identification and recognition of plants and plant anatomy is covered, as well as identifying and differentiating between commonly used and toxic plant species. The principles of plant chemistry and pharmacology herbal formulation, and various methods of administering herbs are studied. Classes in basic human sciences, anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, medical terminology and nutrition are commonly part of a didactic course of study for the aspiring herbalist as well.

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