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Herbalist School in Arizona - AZ

Herbalist schools in Arizona provide students with a variety of options for those who have an interest in studying the use of plants and plant extracts in order to treat disease and promote healing. Prospective students can find campus-based learning in Arizona as well as distance learning opportunities. Coursework gives students a balance of academics, clinical duties and field work. Some schools combine Oriental medicine and Chinese herbology with acupuncture studies.

Among available herbalist schools in Arizona, a degree program covering acupuncture as well as the study of Chinese herbs may emphasize the review of specific syndromes and practical diagnosis and then cover specific herbs and herbal formulas that may help address the syndrome. Students study individual herbs and various formulas utilizing these herbs, as well as learn ways to modify and adapt basic herbal formulas according to varying symptoms.  Students are expected to complete a specified number of hours of clinical experience as well.

As for another learning option, a school of botanical studies focuses on utilizing the local plants indigenous to Arizona and the western United States. During the didactic part of the curriculum, students learn about the plants, including identification, taxonomy, harvesting, and potential uses of each individual plant. Field work and a clinical component are also part of the curriculum. Students are also expected to demonstrate understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

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