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Herbalist School in Arkansas - AR

Individuals searching in Arkansas for herbalist schools to learn about using plants and herbs for medicinal purposes may do best by exploring the numerous online and distance learning options made available from various herbal medicine schools across the United States.

Some of the classes that students may expect to take include a foundation class on healing with herbs, which introduces the use of medicinal herbs for health promotion and the treatment of common health conditions. Students are presented with the philosophy behind herbalism, the therapeutic properties of herbs, and making herbal formulations.  Botany, taxonomy and plant identification, anatomy, physiology, and pathology are other classes offered. Wildcrafting, which is the harvesting and collecting of medicinal plants, is an important part of a curriculum as well.  As part of an herbal materia medica, students amass detailed information on the properties and uses of hundreds of herbs found in their region, as well as in other parts of the United States.

Keep in mind that clinical studies, where students interact with patients, are a valuable part of any educational experience. For those who are pursuing their education via online and distance learning classes, one option may be to arrange to be mentored by a practicing herbalist in your area.

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