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Herbalist School in California - CA

Due to its excellent growing climate and health-conscious population, California is an excellent place to learn the art of herbalism. There are a number of herbalist schools in California, some of which focus on specific branches of herbalism or certain herbal traditions.

If you are unable to find an herbalist school near you, or if a fixed course schedule doesn’t work for your lifestyle, many herbalist schools located in California and in other parts of the country offer online and correspondence courses that you can complete at a time and pace convenient for you.

Though the tradition of herbal medicine is ancient, it has only recently begun its resurgence in the western world. Consequently, the field does not currently have an accepted educational standard. However, most skilled herbalists in California take courses in botany, biology, human sciences, the history of herbal medicine and similar fields.  

Course length may range from 6-8 month short programs focusing on a specific area or type of herbal medicine, or may be as long as to 2-3 years for a more comprehensive education. Many courses include clinical training as well. Though many courses will award participants certification upon graduation, certification is not required by the state of California in order to practice—though it may be required or preferred by employers or clients. 

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