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Herbalist School in Colorado - CO

Herbalist schools in Colorado offer both on site and distance learning options for those who are interested in the study of herbalism.  Some of the educational track options include fundamentals of medical herbalism education, advanced herbalism curriculum, as well as clinical internships.

As part of fundamentals of medical herbalism curriculum, students generally take 300 hours of classroom instruction in courses covering integrative herbalism; introductory courses in nutrition, botany and flower essences, herbs of commerce, a material medica independent study and an advanced material medica study. Materia medica refers to the knowledge base about the therapeutic healing properties of a substance or plant.

The Advanced Herbalism Program generally covers 500 hours of instruction over a five month period and the coursework is designed to prepare the student to become a practitioner of herbal medicine. Some of the programs consist of seminar modules that can also be taken on a standalone basis. The topics include fundamentals of vitalist medicine; vitalist therapeutics for acute symptoms; clinical nutrition, toxicity and detoxification; safety, side effects, and contraindications; and bach flower essentials.

During a clinical internship, which may include over 300 hours and span eight months, students work with clients in a clinical setting under the supervision of a medical herbalist.

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