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Herbalist School in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

Individuals who wish to enroll in herbalist schools in Washington, DC can consider undertaking education through Internet coursework and distance learning classes.  Some classes are even delivered via MP3 files that can be uploaded onto individuals’ iPods, enabling them to study and to listen to course materials while on-the-go. 

Studies will prepare students to work across the capital in careers that necessitate their expertise and ability to practically apply their skills to real-world settings.  They can consider, for example, specialty classes in nutrition and master herbalism through Web-based and correspondence programs that provide teaching and learning for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the field.  They may also opt to enroll in associate, master and doctorate degree programs that award credentials in holistic health via Internet courses.   In addition, some coursework focuses on instruction in nutrition, which can be applied within the broader study of herbalism to launch exciting careers.

Practitioners in Washington, DC can also work collaboratively with the Potomac Unit of The Herb Society of America, which supports the National Herb Garden at the National Arboretum and has published The National Herb Garden Guide, to enhance their knowledge.  They may choose, too, to become members of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) for ongoing classes and learning opportunities.

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