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Herbalist School in Florida - FL

Though herbal remedies often present a simpler, more natural alternative to the complicated therapies of conventional western medicine, the practice of herbalism is anything but simple. Herbalists must have a deep understanding of herbal properties, human sciences, and the effect of plants on the body.

Though there’s no standard curriculum for herbalist education, most comprehensive herbalist programs include courses in botany, nutrition, herbal preparation, plant chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and the general principles of herbalism.

Most schools also offer opportunities to specialize in the area of your choosing. You may focus on Western folk herbalism, for example, which seeks to treat systems of illness with herbal remedies, or traditional Chinese medicine, which seeks to restore the balance of mind, body, and spirit. You can lean about illnesses and treatments specifically suited for a particular demographic, such as children or pregnant women. Additionally, many herbalist schools in Florida offer a focus on the properties of the bountiful and diverse plants and herbs that grow naturally in the region.

With herbalist education programs located in cities like Tampa, Miami, and Orlando, you have many options for herbalist school in Florida. If you’re unable to find a suitable herbalism school in your area, you can also explore the possibility of completing an online program in herbalism, offered by many online schools.

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